CNC Waterjet Cutting Service

Kakade laser the leading waterjet cutting service provider based in Pune, Maharashtra. We at Kakade laser perform the engineering job work or provide job work services for both type of manufacturing ( We provide On demand manufacturing as well as mass production for a waterjet cutting services ). With high quality waterjet machines in Maharashtra, India we cater the waterjet cutting services range from prototype to high-volume production runs & by utilizing latest waterjet cutting technology we try our best to provide fast & cost-effective solutions to our customer. Everything from titanium plate to thinnest of paper can be cut efficiently via waterjet technology, making the potential application for this process ever expanding. Our custom waterjet cutting services offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs.

Our Infrastructure

With the Help of Waterjet we Can cut almost all Metals and Non-metals

Waterjet Cutting Applications

Why Us ?


Quality Report with each Consignment

OTIF ( 99%)

Annual Unique Part Development : 3500+

Annual RM processed and shipped to CS

USA Make - machines from Omax (USA)

Highest Power Machines - Our machines consists of 50HP of pump power

Faster and accurate - Our machines are fast and reliable for giving consistent quality

Higher Thickness Processing - We can cut any material upto 200mm of thickness

High Accuracy with Cutting Tolerances of 0.1-0.5mm

Burr-Free parts

No Heat Affected Zones

Cutting of almost any Material

No Distortion or Warping of Materials

We do Single Quantity Job

Cost Effective