CNC Laser Cut Decorative Door and Gate Designs

We at Kakade Laser provide innovative and unique solutions on designing your doors for your homes, offices, main entrance gate, main entrance door, etc. Available in various styles our doors exhibit fine workmanship. We provide doors in a wide range of materials like metal doors, solid wooden doors, wood carved doors, metal and wood panel doors, gate designs for building entrance, doors for homes, etc. For designing and manufacturing these products we use cnc machines of highest quality imported from countries like Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, etc. hence allowing to achieve us high level of symmetry and deliver quality at par with royal standards and within minimal possible time.

Solid Wooden Door Design

Using 100% seasoned wood that assures durability we design Solid Wooden doors of highest quality. You can select from the wide range of designs at kakade laser or even custom make to your own requirement. This designs can be used to design the entrance door of your home.

Wooden Carved Door

The wooden carved doors are made from shisham, Nagpur - teak, ivory coast teak, rose wood, white cedar, maple, white ash, steam beech, sal, champ, mango, meranty etc with the combination with modern cnc machines . Kakade laser provides carving of highest quality by using Cnc router axyz (Canada) which allows uniformity across multiple designs and perfect symmetries, etc.

Metal and Wood Panel Doors

This type of door consists of a metal jaali design placed in between the wood door, hence enhancing the look of your door by adding artistic and unique design you wish to give to your door.You can choose from one of the premade designs or even custom design to your own requirement. The metal materials include mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium for durability.

Full Metal Doors

We also make full metal doors in materials like mild steel, aluminium, etc. You can select from the designs to give a unique look to your entrance door Desired color can be applied on the door by means of powder coating thus enhancing the look, The doors can be integrated to the door frame perfectly and are convenient to install.

Gate Designs for Main Entrance

Kakade laser provides unique solution for designing the entrance of your building, offices, commercial places, etc.