Decorative Screens & Jaali Designs

We at Kakade laser are the leading service provider of decorative screens which will help you enhance your architectural beauty of homes, offices, commercial, residential, etc. We have the largest collection of premade designs for your selection ,we also make custom designs to suit your exact specifications, hence we can cut screens of any sizes with a maximum size of 2000mm x 4000mm. We can manufacture panels in materials like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, wood, mdf, corian, etc.

Separation Panels and Jaali Designs

Separation panels laser cutting Kakade laser

Kakade Laser provides unique separation panels which can be used to separate or divide rooms in a more artistic and unique way rather than using any other plain screens and hence provide various artistic panels which can be used in dividing of rooms, commercial, office, and residential spaces, etc.

Window Screen

window screen at kakade laser

Kakade laser provide an imaginative alternative to your curtains in windows. Our unique panels can be used to hide private areas in your home or business. The customized panels provide both form and function, as they enhance the beauty of a space while providing privacy. Window screens can be installed with Kakade laser custom materials and can be tailored to match the unique needs of your space.

Privacy Screen

privacy screens design at kakade laser

Kakade laser provide unique ways to section off interior and exterior spaces, privacy screens can be used to hide areas that require privacy and create sectioned areas in a room or building. Hence these unique panels can be used as a privacy screen in a room or a unique way to fence an outdoor space. Our panel designs can be modified to suit the distinctive needs of a space while enhancing the architectural beauty of a home or commercial building.

Hand Rail and Fence Screen

hand rail and fence lasercut design at kakade laser

Kakade laser provides unique panels and screens to add to the beauty of a railing fixture by installing panels as an insert. These panels enhance the architectural beauty without compromising on safety and security. These panels are made to withstand any weather conditions, heavy traffic, etc. This screens can be customized to complement the existing style of a space.

Ceiling Lasercut Panel

Ceiling Lasercut Panel design kakade laser

Create a beautiful looking ceiling with the help of laser cut ceiling panels cut in mdf, corian, metals to enhance the look of your ceiling. We at kakade laser can fulfill any order you have to make your ceilings more beautiful. Select from our premade designs or custom make to suite your requirement by consulting one of our engineers.

Stairway Laser Cutting

Stairway laser cutting work ar kakade laser

Yes we can also provide unique display for your stairs as well using various laser cut designs.

Pergola Lasercut Panel Design

pergola lasercut panel design