CNC Wire Cutting Service

Kakade laser the leading wire cutting service provider based in Pune, Maharashtra. We at Kakade laser perform the engineering job work or provide job work services for both type of manufacturing ( We provide On demand manufacturing as well as mass production for a wire cutting services ). We always try our best to provide you the dimensional tolerances within +/- 0.002mm with the help of our high tech & advance machinery. We cater the wire cutting services range from prototype to high-volume production runs & We try our best to provide end to end manufacturing solutions along with Tool manufacturing etc. We at Kakade laser always try our best to provide the parts as per the tolerances provided by customer and try our best to deliver on time.

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Any Electrically Conductive Material Can Be Cut By Using Wirecut Technology

Wire Cutting Applications

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OTIF ( 99%)

Annual Unique Part Development : 3500+

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High accuracy and precision for each and every batch

Intricacy : Wire EDM is an excellent option for manufacturing delicate and complex parts. With Wire EDM, it is possible to manufacture the same intricate part over and over again with the same accuracy

Shorter lead times : Because the EDM process is so accurate, it makes it possible to get it right the first time, significantly shortening the time it takes to get a product from the prototype phase to the marketplace

Less set up time : EDM manufacturing reduces the need for tooling, which in turn lessens the amount of time that it takes to set up

Tapers : EDM machining is useful for cutting long tapers that other machining methods cannot produce

Accurate internal cuts : Square-edged internal cuts are difficult to produce with other machining methods, but Wire EDM makes it possible

Better results : EDM machining is capable of producing parts that do not have burrs or require tooling. Wired EDM also produces a better surface finish than other forms of manufacturing

Fine hole drilling : EDM drilling is capable of producing very small holes that are difficult to produce with other methods