Powder Coating Service

Understanding our customer needs for parts with high-quality surface treatment processes we recently started our fully conveyorized powder coating plant to provide high-quality powder coating services to our customers with minimum cost. We are using Trication Zinc phosphate plc controlled pretreatment process after pretreatment parts are passed through drying oven where the parts are preheated at 120 deg Celsius, and then passed through our powder coating booths and then through our main oven all automatically in the dust-free environment ensuring high quality throughout. We do strict quality testing of our powder coated parts inhouse using impact test, scratch adhesion test, Powder coating thickness measurement, Salt spray test, etc.

Powders We Use

We mostly use EP and PP powders from our suppliers. EP powders are used were the parts of our customers are to be used indoors and while PP powders are used when the components are to be used in outdoor environments. EP powders have high chemical resistance and have less UV resistance while PP powders have high UV resistance but low chemical resistance. Hence we suggest the use of powder by understanding the end applications of our customers.

Pre-treatment Process

  • 1) We are using robust trivalent zinc phosphate process.
  • 2) We can give a Sst of between 700-1000 hours as per your requirement.
  • 3) The parts are arranged in loaded near the loading station.
  • 4) Then the components are dipped in 9 tank process using an automated plc process.
  • 5) The parts then are unloaded at the unloading section.
  • 6) The unloaded parts are then hung on the conveyor and then passed through the drying oven.

Pre-treatment Process

  • - After the Pretreatment Process, the components are hung on to the automized conveyor and first passed through drying oven at 120 deg Celsius.

  • - Because of this process all the moisture from the job is removed which facilitates high quality powder coated jobs.

Powder Coating Booth

  • 1) We have used stainless steel powder coating booths which facilitates easy cleaning and quick color changeovers.
  • 2) We are using powder coating guns of wagnor(Germany) with 2 booths.

Powder Coating Oven

  • After application of the powder the parts are passed through the main oven where curing of the powder takes place.

Checking Instruments / Testing Done

1) Scratch test
2) Impact test
3) Coating Thickness Measurement (DFT meter)
4) Salt spray test

Quality check Packing and Dispatch

After the powder coating process the parts are inspected for quality and then properly packed and dispatched to the customer.