"Proudly Manufactured by us and sold direct to you"

"Kakade laser is a leading architectural service provider for Architects , Interior designers , and even individual customers. We work from concepts , photos , even from rough ideas , and deliver your job with highest quality."

Decorative Screens & Jaali Designs
CNC Laser Cut Wall Arts
Cutting and Carvings
Laser Cut Metallic Sculptures
Canopy & Window Screens
CNC Laser Cut Decorative Door and Gate Designs
Signage & Name Plates
CNC Waterjet Granite and Marble Inlay Flooring
Custom Laser Cut Products
Uv Printing

Our Setup :

"We at Kakade Laser have the best cnc machines from all over the world.We have laser cutting machines of Trumpf (germany), Bystronic (Switzerland), Amada (japan). We have cnc router of axyz from Canada used for 3d wood working and carving.We even have cnc water jet machine from Omax (USA) therefore allowing us to cut any material with highest accuracy and surface finish."

Pricing :

"Once we have received a vector file or artwork from you we can give you a quote on your project. Our quote will be based on the actual cutting time, along with any prep time ,and computer work that is necessary to finish your project. We will need your files to generate a quote so the quickest way to receive a quote is to send your artwork to sales@kakadelaser.in We are happy to help you with any part of your project.


  • Which kinds of materials to you cut and till what thickness?

    We can cut any metal as well as non-metal like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, wood, mdf, corian , carbide, titanium, acrylic, etc. We can cut any material upto 150mm of thickness.

  • What is the standard delivery time at Kakade Laser ?

    Normally we can deliver your job within two days or less.

  • What kind of input design file is needed?

    We work from photos, concepts, drawings and even rough ideas to develop the design which you truly wish.

  • Do you work from concepts and photos?

    We do work from concepts and photos or even you can choose from our collection of hundreds of premade designs.