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From last 20 Years, Kakade laser is delightfully serving you for all your engineering requirements. Kakade Laser is India's leading manufacturer and supplier of high quantity, cost effective products and services from conception to finalization.

Why Us ?

Customer delight is paramount
Focus on Tech & Innovation
Product Quality and EHS foundation
Employee are Prime movers
Sustainable & Profitable Growth

Core Values

Encouraging Individual ability & creativity
Opportunities based on merits & nothing is free
Hard work, Continuous self improvement, Innovation & productivity
Well being of employees, Stake holders, Community & Country


To deliver high quality products on-time to our customers at competitive prices, not only to the locations where we operate directly, but also where we operate through our growth partners.
To provide direct employment to 500 people by 2025 and indirect employment to 10000 people.
Offering new technology services & solutions in cost effective manner.

Message from MD's Desk

We have been serving the country from last 25 years and now, with the advent of a New India we are also on a journey of transforming ourselves into more customer-focused and market-driven to provide the best quality, high-tech and innovative products across all sectors globally. With the surge of activities in the manufacturing domain and a rise in spending in every sector of the industry, right from infrastructure to FMCG, there is a colossal demand for sheet metal and fabricated products. To cater that requirement across the industry spectrum, Kakade laser offers an extensive range of infrastructure & solutions that are characterized by simplicity, cost-effectiveness, modular design, and flexibility. Furthermore, We are continuously strives for expanding our machine and infrastructural portfolio with innovative solutions to address the needs of emerging markets. At Kakade Laser, we endeavor Quality in everything we do. Our team thrives on excellence and is committed to delivering the best-in-class quality products through progressive and efficient operations while abiding by our core values It is said if we don’t change with time, time will change us. Especially in the context of what we are witnessing in our industry, we at M/s kakade Laser believe that we must embrace the change quickly and wholeheartedly. Mahatma Gandhi once implored “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. So, we at M/s kakade Laser take it upon ourselves to further improve the way we operate, communicate, take ownership, remain accountable and take measured decisions. Our lead will bring the very changes we have called out for in the past, so we can all ride the upcoming wave of growth. Last but most importantly, we believe, employees are prime movers at M/s kakade Laser. Our human capital is built on a workforce diversified over Gender, Geographic location and Cultural background. We believe only motivated and competent employees can drive an organization towards desired results. Thus, our human resource practices - from employee recruitment to employee engagement, development and performance management - are focused at nurturing the career of the employees while upholding the core values of the organization. Guided by our Values and armed with conviction and commitment, as we march forward in this journey of transforming into a leading global player, we will continue serving and supporting the industry and the community to build a New India.